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Our story…

Dibujothiki is an online concept store suitable for all those in the family who appreciate the perfection of the imperfect, and the joy outside the box. Every item here is unique and special, as my son and I design every surface with love. He had the vision, he wanted to see his animal drawings everywhere for everyone to enjoy. Fueled by his confidence and desire to inspire others to love nature, I embarked on a mission to illustrate how dreams can come true, how his ideas can make a difference in the world, and now we share this child-led journey and are having lots of fun!
Both like to imagine a world of endless music, art and nature walks, and share a deep admiration for nature’s shapes and colours from which we draw most of our inspiration. So, in our own different age appropriate ways, we create our own designs and help others create theirs. Then we print on demand the patterns of our impressions into selected items that we hope you’ll rejoice.

Juliana the mom of the Founder and Creative Director

person s left hand holding green leaf plant

Our sustainability goals…

Every single item in this site or in any of the marketplaces we are affiliated with, are made to order to make sure every piece has an owner and it is cherished to avoid stock waste that end up in landfills or oceans which contributes to pollution and harms wildlife. Additionally, each product we display the designs on is handpicked consciously thinking of the impact it may have. We usually prefer our designs to be displayed in organic materials, recycled materials, or when lacking a choice we think of the durability of the material, to ensure they can be reused many times to help conserve production resources and ultimately lower green house emissions.

Likewise, all the designs we make have a deep message to inspire freedom of movement and expression, raise awareness of our inner strengths or of the beauty around us… Therefore, we like to think we encourage creativity and critical thinking and hope to reach those good souls who care for the environment and don’t carry, wear, or do the default.

Every little step is a step forward to achieve our sustainability goals… That’s why we are proud to leverage our entrepreneurship journey to collaborate with interested environmental organizations, working hand in hand to create a positive impact through art. We believe in the power of collaboration and donate a portion of our proceeds to the Cyprus Environment Foundation and can sometimes do so to other organizations to support their important environmental initiatives. Together, we strive to make a difference and contribute to a greener and more empowered future for all.

For collaborations get in touch at hola@dibujothiki.com

We are small still but our dreams are big. Help us spread the word!

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